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Almond Crush fusion bar. This 6g chocolate bar is creamy and sweet. Similar to other fusion shroom bars this almond crush still packs a punch. It will leave you tripping for a good while. Our almond crush shroom bars are made with the finest almond chocolate bars and mushrooms of the highest quality. shroom chocolate bar

Almond Crush Fusion Bar | Shroom Chocolate Bar

The Fusion packaging is elegant and sleek, featuring our Fusion logo in the middle of the bar. The flavor’s name can be find in the lower right corner on the inside of the bar. On the back, this chocolate bar provides information on dosage as well as the unique qr code that is use to confirm the authenticity of the bar.Always be sure to check out the item correctly as there are many counterfeits that are available on Dhgate. They are sold by sellers to offer counterfeit fusion bars.

Effects of Chocolate Bars containing Fusion Mushrooms


The effects of Fusion bars are similar as psychedelic mushrooms in the majority of bars. The most significant effects of consuming our chocolate bars are:

  • Slow Reaction Time
  • Inspires Creativity
  • Hallucinations
  • It inspires relaxation and happiness

Listed above are just a few effects of consuming our bars and other mushroom chocolates in general. What makes fusion shroom bars different from the rest is the short, intense trip that hits you at had first. This leads to a full body high, finally leaving you in a completely relaxed state.

Where to buy Fusion Bars

If you are looking to buy fusion chocolate bars online. we do ship all over the U.S. Canada, Australia and some parts of Europe. Simply get in touch with us via our website or other contact details, if you are looking to buy polkadot. We also work in collaboration with a few smoke shops and dispensaries in the U.S. so you can find our chocolate bars there.


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