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Fusion mushroom chocolate bars are a new mushroom chocolate bar in the market. We have quickly grown in popularity due to the quality of our mushroom bars.



Fusion chocolate bars are among the most sought-after shroom bars on the market today. We’ve been able to collect more than 14% of the market share for mushroom bars. Being able to compete with big and much more established brands such as polka dot and one up mushroom only speaks more to the quality of our shroom bars. Fusion originally began making 4 grams and 6 grams chocolate bars.


Fusion Premium Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar


These bars are similar to your favourite shroom bars, such as one-up mushroom bars, and the polkadot bars. Fusion started with the production of 6 and 4 grams bars.However the 4 gram bars were remove. Our bars made of shrooms are useful magic mushrooms like Reishi and its benefits are well documented. The bars also contain Chamomile L-Theanine and Zinc and Magnesium which provide numerous health benefits.

This helps our products stand out from other mushrooms chocolate bars.What is what makes fusion bars so unique is the flavor that we offer in our chocolate bars.We have unique flavours created using the highest quality chocolates. Fusion chocolate bars are the first brand that is psychedelic with more than 25 flavor options. This is because we consider our customers’ satisfaction to be the top priority for us.


Fusion Premium Mushroom Bar 

Fusion bars are an upcoming addition to the industry of psychedelic mushroom bars, however we believe we can be the best. The Fusion team is comprised of enthusiasts for mushrooms who not only cultivate these mushrooms but also eat it heavily. This is why we took the time to develop the chocolate bar that would be able solve many issues that mushroom users had to face. One of the problems are the bitter taste of mushrooms and the use of poor quality chocolate.

Fusion shroom bars have created one of the most high quality chocolates that you can get in the market. We also offer others that are the best strains of mushrooms. Many mushroom enthusiasts have been dissatisfied with DMT as well as other chemicals in the creation of chocolate bars. This has caused the industry of mushrooms chocolate bars the reputation of being a sham. This is why we at fusion have decided to make chocolate bars made from the finest mushroom strains. Don’t just believe us for it, check out our fusion bars to discover that they provide the same effect as mushrooms.




A lot of people have the question: why fusion bars.Well the thing that is it that makes these chocolate bars different from other shroom bars isn’t just the addition of chemical ingredients like Chamomile as well as L-Theanine. What makes our bars unique is the attention to detail and the meticulous process used to create a fusion bar.Our team of experts use only the finest quality shrooms and chocolate to ensure our bars are the finest. These bars also provide health benefits like improved sleep and an unforgettable journey. Therefore, why not test fusion bars.

Fusion Mushroom Bars Real


Due to the rapid growth in popularity of fusion chocolate bars, it has resulted in the appearance of numerous imitations and copycats of our fusion bars.These people are becoming more imaginative and causing it to be more difficult the loyal clients of ours to distinguish genuine chocolate bars from fake. So, we have decided to include a unique product code on our packaging. To verify that your shamrock bars, use our website


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