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Fusion is one of the fastest growing psychedelic mushroom brands in California. The fusion brand was created in late 2021 but the official launch of the fusion bars was in the beginning of 2022. Fusion shroom bars dropped 25 unique flavors on launch day. A first in psilocybin bar industry. Since the launch of fusion. It has quickly grown in popularity, now sitting as the 4th most in demand mushroom chocolate bar in 2023 behind industry giants such as polkadot and one up mushroom bars.

The year 2023 is looking bright for the fusion family as we working on more flavors
and collaborations are also in the pipeline. Now is the perfect time to join the fusion
family as we are still looking for distributors for our bars. If you are interested in
becoming a wholesale supplier of fusion bars, then feel free to reach out to us.

shroom bars

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