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 Twix Fusion Bar


Shroom chocolate bar dc. Twix Fusion Bar are one of the flavors release by Fusion. This 6,9 chocolate bar is creamy and sweet. Similar to other fusion shroom bars this crunch still packs a punch. It will leave you tripping for a good while.

Fusion Mushroom Bars Packaging | Shroom chocolate bar dc


The packaging for Fusion is elegant and sleek, and features our Fusion logo at the middle of the bar. The flavor’s name is located on the right side on the side of the bar. On the back, this chocolate bar provides information about dosage and the unique QR code that is use to confirm the authenticity of the bar. Always be sure to check out the product correctly since many replicas are available on the website DHgate. They are sold by people who want to sell fake fusion bars. shroom chocolate bar dc


Effects of Fusion Mushroom Chocolate Bars


Fusion bars have similar effects to most psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars. The major effects of consuming our chocolate bars include:

  • Slow Reaction Time
  • Inspires Creativity
  • Hallucinations
  • It inspires relaxation and happiness

The above list is just the benefits of eating our products and other chocolates. What makes Fusion Shroom Bars different from others is the brief high that the person who first. It leads to a complete body buzz, leaving you in a calm state.

Twix Fusion Bar | Fusion bars mushroom


In response to the increasing the popularity of psychedelic mushroom bars. In addition, the demand for fusion bars has also exploded. The statistics for 2022 indicate that the fusion bar was 12 percent of the market share of shroom bars. In our very first year, we have already been competing with giants in the industry like the polka dot bar and the one-up mushroom.

The existence of us being competing with these big brands just a little over an year from the time we launched is a testament to the high good quality and value of our bars.This popularity of chocolate bars fusion has resulted in the emergence of fakes on the market who claim to sell authentic chocolate. Many of these are fake bars that don’t provide you with the authentic experience of fusion. We recommend you buy your product through a licensed dispensary. Alternatively, you can buy fusion bar on our website.

What kinds of magical chocolate can be found on Fusion?


There are many different types of magic mushroom chocolate sold by sellers on Etsy. Some of the popular magic mushroom chocolate available on Etsy include: magic mushroom chocolate bar , magic mushroom, and even magic mushroom grow kit .

Are the items sold that are sold on Fusion made by hand?


From hand-crafted pieces or vintage treasures that are waiting to be enjoy for a second time, Etsy provides a global market for original and unique items. Etsy is also home to many unique items that are made by hand with great care and love. While a majority of the items sold on Etsy are handcraft there are also crafts and digital products as well as other items.



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