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Chocolate bar shrooms. This 6g chocolate bar, is creamy and sweet and can make even the sadness day bright. Peanut Butter Cup  is similar to other fusion mushroom bars flavors, this Peanut Butter Cup still packs a punch. It will leave you tripping for a really good time.

Created with passion and obtain from trust sources, this Fusion Mushroom Chocolate Bar is made from the finest ingredients. The amount of psilocybin is contain in the Fusion Premium bar will ensure that the chocolate is evenly distributed throughout. It ensures that you have the best taste each bite. The fusion bars contain mushrooms.

The creamy composition and smooth chocolaty texture are evidence of its purity. Its aroma and variety of tastes are sure to leave you craving more. Just one bite should be enough to please your palate.

Be ready for this incredible trip that takes to the magical universe of mushroom. The experience will be transformative and help to ease the tension and worry you’ve been feeling.

Fusion Magic’s mushroom chocolate bar contain premium milk chocolate as well as Psilocybin also known as magic mushrooms. Some flavours may have nuts. Every chocolate bar is about 6 g of bar.milk customers can begin by eating 1-2 pieces. Medium user will need 3-4 pieces. heavy user starts with 5-6 pieces of fusion chocolate bars.

Specifications | Fusion shroom bars

Psilocybin quantity 6 grams for each chocolate bar

Flavors: Available in a variety of flavor options, including Cookies & Cream, Crunch, Cap’n Crunch, Banana Chocolate and Strawberries & Cream, Fruity Pebbles, Rocky Road, Dark Chocolate, M&M’s, Matcha

Results: Increased creativity Relaxation, mindfulness, happy mood

Medical Benefits: Reduces anxiety, eases stress and is an antidepressant as well as an anti-anxiety.

How to Consume Fusion Bars | Chocolate bar shrooms

Fusion bars contain six grams. The product is created with the intention that you receive 6 pieces of chocolate, which each comprise 1 gram Psilocybin. This guarantees that you receive the exact quantity of Psilocybin. The quantity of the amount of it can assist in getting desire effects, and helps to prevent negative consequences. Feel the transformative power of psilocybin when you eat the tasty and potent chocolate bars. You are sure to be satisfy.

Instructions for Fusion Mushroom Chocolate Bars Consumers

Fusion chocolate bar made of mushrooms, for those who are still trying to determine your tolerance to Fusion magical mushroom chocolate bars, begin by eating a couple of pieces. If you don’t notice any effects in an hour following the consumption of Fusion mushroom chocolate bars. Take another bite of fusion chocolate bar. The mushroom chocolate packaging for bars is extremely secure. Store this item in the refrigerator, or in a place where it is cool and dry. When you’re eating a piece of chocolate that is fusion-based It is advised to eat it with a stomach empty in order to get all the benefits, and experience the best Fantastic Trip before having food.

Legal Compliance

Age Restrictions Age Limits: It is require to be 21 years of age to qualify to buy this product legally.

Legal Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is intend to serve as a reference source. The information is not intend to promote or promote any form of usage or consumption of mushrooms legally. We operate under initiative 81 .



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