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Cookies & Cream Fusion Bar


Cookies & Cream Fusion bar are one of the flavors release by Fusion. This 6g chocolate bar is creamy and sweet. Similar to other fusion shroom bars this cookies and cream still packs a punch. It will leave you tripping for a good while. Magic chocolate bar

Magic Mushrooms: Dangers of Mushroom Chocolate


The debate over the legalization of marijuana persists all over the US but there’s a second debate. About legalization going on in the form of magic mushrooms or mushrooms that have the psychoactive compound psilocybin.

It is legal in two US states as of the date at the time of this writing. Magical mushrooms have been utilize for medical. Spiritual and, more recently used for recreational purposes. One of the more popular ways to ingest psilocybin mushrooms(which have a taste that can generously be described as “acquire”) is by mixing them into chocolate. It’s easy to find YouTube videos showcasing how to make a mushroom chocolate bar.

Fusion Mushroom Bars |Magic Chocolate Bar


Before we go on, it’s worth pointing out that there are many dietary supplements mixing mushrooms with chocolate.These are legal and aren’t psychoactive – these supplements are there for the purported health benefits of regular mushrooms.This blog is strictly about magic mushrooms, mushrooms that contain the psychedelic compound psilocybin.

As well as shrooms, the mushroom chocolate is being viewed as the most recent kind of mind-altering medication that is gaining evidence of their healing or beneficial qualities. But, they also carry the possibility of creating addiction too. With psychedelics becoming more and more well-known, those who are using them for a variety of motives are discussing the benefits from using magical mushrooms and chocolate shrooms in order to relax, or recover from severe discomfort.

They aren’t the typical edible varieties of mushrooms that are cooked, but rather mushrooms that are high in a chemical called the psilocybin. Ingestion of psilocybin causes it to be transformed in the body to Psilocin which is an extremely potent altering the mind. Psilocin chocolates and chocolate bars have been drawing attention due to their claimed positive effects.

To understand why the debate around consuming mushroom chocolate should not be taken lightly and what magic mushrooms are, read on.

The Mushroom Chocolate Debate


Even though it is not clear how many people have gone to a drug rehab center due to mushroom chocolate, professional drug treatment experts across the US realize that psilocybin and mushroom chocolate are not to be treated at par with some herbal teas recommended for relaxation or as means to boost immunity. The Magic Mushroom is widely recognized as a potent hallucinogens that are classified in Schedule I drugs . These drugs are deemed to have an extremely high risk of abuse and aren’t considered to be in medical treatments or considered to be safe.

The reason for this is that shrooms such as they are an easy drug to use and are not medically proven use. However, even when they are under supervision, there’s still a level of danger for the user since hallucinogens are known to cause an effect on the mind.

MushroomChocolate:What are MagicMushrooms?


Magic mushrooms are mushrooms that contain psilocybin which is an euphoric compound. The traditional way to consume them is to eat them, mix with food items, boiling tea with them and mixing them into chocolate.

These mushrooms with higher levels of psilocybin present typically are small in size, and their color ranges between brown and brown to. They can be hard to discern them from normal mushrooms we consume. In the wild, people can mistake psilocybin-containing mushrooms(or even toxic mushrooms)and vice-versa. The best way to hunt for mushrooms is with professionals.

A majority of the time Psilocybin mushrooms are consumed as made tea or powdered type is mixed with foods to disguise its bitter flavor. However, the difference between the flavor and texture can be somewhat diluted. Certain manufacturers have recently begun creating powders from dried mushrooms and putting them into capsules. Next, they took the mix of them with chocolate. This is similar to the cannabis edibles.

Multiple names that people use to address chocolate magic mushrooms:


Purple passion

Mushroom Chocolate: Understand More


Magic mushrooms aren’t synthetic drugs. They grow just like any other variety of mushrooms. Psilocybin, the chemical in these mushrooms that makes people feel high or hallucinate, was identified by Dr. Albert Hofmann. Hoffman was an Swiss scientist who was also involve in the discovery of LSD in the year 1958.

The mild bitter taste suggested that there were many ideas in order to make the shrooms digestible and less difficult to eat. Mushroom chocolate seems to have taken the lead. Mushroom chocolate is a term for chocolate-based recipes with magical mushrooms.People like to eat chocolate bars made from such mushrooms because they are easier to carry and take a quick bite almost anywhere. With the advent of new recipes, a lot of users of psychedelic effects do not know how hazardous they are.

A lot of people who take mushrooms are unaware the dangers of using them and have an increased risk of developing a dependence that may affect their performance at school, home and at work. That’s why rehabilitation centers located in the US have received a number of questions and inquiries from those suffering from a dependence on mushrooms. Most of the time they require the detoxification of a person who is and a brief period of rehab.

Mushroom chocolate might be easier to find in some places. There is mushroom chocolate available in Canada, Europe, and South America but lately, it has been gaining popularity across into the United States too. According to it concerns the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is concern, mushrooms are not a food item that should be use for recreational consumption. They’re still Schedule I drugs. The FDA has not approved them either, and most physicians will tell you about the seriousness of developing a chocolate magic mushroom addiction.

How Does Magic Mushroom Chocolate Work?


In general, hallucinogens can cause individuals to perceive, hear and feel sensations that appear to be real, however they’re not. The effects of mushroom chocolate tend to have the same effect, but the experiences are not the same for everybody. As compared to benzos or opioid drugs , it might be safe to opine that mushroom chocolate seems less potent in terms of creating a high, but the threat of addiction is equally severe. Based on some research that psilocybin is a magic mushroom, it works by activating serotonin receptors that are located in the brain’s prefrontal cortex (a component of the human brain). The prefrontal cortex is responsible for the way we feel as well as what we are thinking. It controls the way we perceive and think about events.

Psilocybin and hallucinogens also impact different parts of our brain which influence the degree of alertness or fear you experience. Psilocybin doesn’t always cause it appear to see and hear things you don’t know about. The hallucinogenic effect does not surface with a single bite of a mushroom chocolate bar.Instead, it takes time for the effect, and the person starts seeing things in a distorted fashion.

It can be delicate for certain people and extremely powerful for others. The mind-altering effects of psilocybin are unique for each person. The effects on the mind that chocolate mushrooms can have depend on

What amount of the substance consume?


What food did the individual eat prior to or in conjunction with the chocolate made from mushrooms?

If a person is consuming the drug in any form, it is anticipated to begin within 30 minutes. they can last between 4 and six hours. There are many people who come up with different tales to tell about their first magical experience. Certain people may alter how they feel throughout the day after having consumed it. Other people might claim that it altered the way they think for a few days, but without that typical extraordinary feeling.

Mushroom chocolate can be extremely effective. The potency is contingent upon a number of aspects:

The location or source of the mushroom

How long was the harvesting time for the mushrooms?

The condition of the mushrooms when the dried mushrooms were process, dried or added to recipes

What was the duration between the harvesting of and drying the mushrooms?

The kind of mushroom consumed

The increasing conditions

How long did the dried mushrooms?

Mushroom Chocolate and Addiction

Magic mushrooms have received some recognition in many different cultures who use herbal remedies to aid in spiritual awakenings talk about the blends for spiritual awakenings. People talk about the use of shrooms to help with self-discovery as well as for helping them to connect to spiritual experience. Some people believe that these are natural substances as they’re not make or synthetically produced . magic chocolate bar

But, marijuana and mushrooms use to be consider sacre plants but the speed accessibility is a risk just like every other drug on the street. The number of individuals who have abuse mushrooms may be low, but this addiction could be an entry point for addiction in which a seemingly less severe type of addiction develops to an even more severe substance dependence condition. The lack of the desired effects of drinking magical shrooms may cause the user to try various other similar substances. magic chocolate bar

Mushroom chocolate creates an effect similar to the body’s feel-good chemical serotonin, a neurotransmitter linked with joy, happiness, and well-being. This is the reason a person who’s consume a significant amount of mushrooms may feel a strange sense of euphoria as well as the effects are quite similar to that experienced by other forms of psychedelics. Individuals who have experienced this state of mind-blowing happiness will be less likely

Do not behave in a manner that is inappropriate.

They will be their typical self when it comes to social interaction

Are they performing their job duties as working with machinery, or follow simple guidelines

Drive safely

Be sure to concentrate correctly

Although there are a myriad of ideas about the possible advantages from using choco mushrooms. They’re list in Schedule I due to the reason. The use of mushrooms over a lengthy period could result in physical and mental side effects. The results are similar to those who suffer from a substance addiction disorder or becoming addicted. Drug users tend to be trouble in their daily routines and this pattern is identical for abuse related to shrooms. It’s not that uncommon to meet people who struggle to hold their job due to constant use of shrooms or alcohol. magic chocolate bar

Find out more about the psychedelic Effects of the Mushroom Chocolate


Many people also mix mushrooms with alcohol, which can make mental and physical side adverse effects more extreme. The quantity of psilocybin contained in an edible bar or piece of chocolate mushroom is typically unknown until a company will clearly state the percentage.

This is why it’s hard to know how powerful the effects of chocolate made from shrooms will be. A different variation in the intensity of hallucinogenic effects could be because. The psychoactive components of the mushrooms being difficult to quantify. Much of the mushroom could go to waste when it is harvest and dried process. This can reduce the effectiveness of the mushroom after it has been blend with chocolate. magic chocolate bar

Some common side effects of mushroom chocolate include:

The lack of coordination is general and bodily lack of coordination

The pupils become dizzy – an usual indication of a variety of addictions to drugs

Headaches, as well as constant muscle pain

Changed perception of place and time

Visual hallucinations

The heart rate will increase This could be dangerously high if shrooms are combine with other substances

Sleepiness, feeling tired throughout the day

An increase in blood pressure as well as an increase in body temperature

Exuberantly happy

In contrast to other chemically synthesized substances that make it relatively easy to determine. If the experience is enjoyable or terrifying when it comes to shrooms. The natural component presents a particular challenge in the sense. That its effects are able to be observe more clearly as they manifest.

If you are taking shrooms it is possible to feel anywhere between relaxed and completely anxious. As well as hallucinations that could be accompanied by delusions. And you may experience an anxiety attack that is so strong. As that you are unable to complete routine tasks in your home or at school. magic chocolate bar

Consuming products that contain the same could lead to physical dependence. This means it is difficult to quit using them for a long the course of. There are many who complain of feeling those jitters in their hands. The sensation is similar to a shake that doesn’t seem to disappear. When they’ve not been using the shrooms for any length of duration of. Mushroom chocolate might have several long-term effects too. One may feel unassailable to distinguish between the world created by mushrooms chocolate and the actual environment that surrounds them.

The chocolate may not be an individual psychedelic yet it’s believe to possess some positive benefits for health. The high cocoa content of chocolate is know to lift your mood and help people feel better. It’s the ideal companion for psilocybin aside of beautifully obscuring the flavor of mushrooms which is not always pleasant. There are theories suggesting that when they are combine cacao and psilocybin result in an increased effects. magic chocolate bar


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