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Shroom Bar


Fusion shroom bar the magic 3 bars are chocolate bars infused with 4g of magic blend. This crunch bar specs airy irce, light crispies covered in rich, creamy Belgian Milk chocolate. Equivalent to 4g Psychedelic mushrooms; you can dose yourself following the dosage guide on the side of the package. As one of the safest and oldest natural medicines in the planet, health advantages from magic chocolate have been known to decrease depression and stress, stimulate brain cell growth, sharpen your senses, and increase focus. These polkadot bars are best for both mindful microdosing and an all-out elevated experience, it just depends on how you pick to eat.

Fusion Mushroom Bars

Fusion chocolate conventure is a best marriage of milk, cocoa, and caramel. It stands out with its deep hot color: Prominent roasted cocoa flavours and seduce caramel notes. There are many health advantages of Magic or psilocybin mushrooms. First of all, it could be use to treat PTSD, depression, and battle addiction to substance drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol.

Where To Buy Fusion Chocolate Bar

If you are looking to buy fusion chocolate bars online. we do ship all over the U.S. Canada, Australia and some parts of Europe. Just get in touch with us via our website or other contact details, if you are looking to buy fusion bars. We also work in collaboration with a few smoke shops and dispensaries in the U.S. so you can find our chocolate bars there.

Shroom Bar Wholesale

Fusion provides a new method of tasting mushroom-infused Belgian chocolate. It is possible to find Fusion chocolate bars at wholesale at our online store. Today Fusion milk chocolate is the most efficient method of getting high quickly. Our fusion chocolate bars adhere to the industry’s highest standards in terms of production. Our Belgian chocolate with a mushroom infusion bars are the finest chocolate bars that you can find anywhere in the world in the present.


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