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Crafted with love and sourced from trusted origins, this Fusion Mushroom Chocolate Bar is a blend of some finest ingredients. A set amount of psilocybin included in the Fusion premium bar to ensure that it’s evenly distribute across. This ensures you get the most delicious taste with every bite. fusion bars mushroom

The rich composition and silky texture of chocolate are proof of its pureness. The smell and different flavors will leave you wanting more. A single bite will be enough to satisfy your senses.

Prepare yourself for this amazing adventure that will transport you into the enchanting world of mushrooms. It will transformative, helping you remove the stress and anxiety that you have felt.

Fusion magic’s mushroom chocolate bars are made with high-end milk chocolate and Psilocybin or magical mushrooms, and certain flavors might contain nuts. Each chocolate bar contains about 6 Grams per bar.milk user can always start with 1-2 pieces, medium user with 3-4 pieces and Heavy User starts with 5-6 pieces fusion mushroom chocolate bars.

Specifications | fusion bars mushroom


Psilocybin content 6 grams per chocolate bar

Flavors: Comes in various flavors, including Cookies & Cream, Crunch, Cap’n Crunch, Banana Chocolate, Strawberries & Cream, Fruity Pebbles, Rocky Road, Dark Chocolate, M&M’s, Matcha

Effects: Improved creativity, mindfulness, relaxation, cheerful mood

Medical Benefits: Helps with anxiety, reduces stress, and acts as an anti-depressant and anti-anxiety.


Consumption Methods


Fusion bars mushroom are 6 grams. It is made in a way that you get 6 pieces of chocolate that each contain 1 one gram of Psilocybin. This ensures that you get an exact amount of Psilocybin.The presence of a quantifiable amount can help to achieve the desired effects and also prevents harmful effects. Experience the transformational power of psilocybin by eating these tasty and powerful chocolate bars.You will not regret it.


Instructions for Fusion Mushroom Chocolate Bars Consumers


Fusion mushroom chocolate bar, if you’re still figuring out your tolerance on Fusion magic mushroom chocolate bars, start off with 1-2 pieces. If there are no effects after an hour after having fusion mushroom chocolate bars. Have another piece fusion mushroom chocolate bar, mushroom chocolate bar packaging is greatly confidential. Keep this product within the fridge or an area that is cool and dry. When you consume a bar of fusion chocolate, it’s recommend to consume it on an empty stomach so that you can get the maximum benefits and enjoy the most Fantastic Trip before having food.


Legal Compliance


Age Restrictions Age Restrictions: You must be at minimum 21 years old in order for purchasing this merchandise legally. Legal Disclosure: Information present here is only intend for educational use. It does not advocate or advocate for any use or consumption of mushroom illegally. We operate under initiative 81 .



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