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Magic mushroom chocolate bar. Cotton Candy Fusion Bar. This chocolate bar of 6g is sweet and creamy. It is made of the best cotton candy chocolate bars similar to kitkat. Like other fusion bars, this cotton candy bar is still a punch. It can leave you tripping for quite a while.

Cotton Candy Fusion Bar | Magic mushroom chocolate bar


The packaging for Fusion is elegant and sleek, and features our Fusion logo in the middle of the bar. The flavor’s name is located on the right-hand side on the bars. On the back, this chocolate bar provides information about dosage and a unique QR code that is used to confirm the authenticity of the bar. Be sure to check the item correctly as there are many counterfeits that are available on Dhgate. They are utilized by sellers to sell fake fusion-based shroom bars.

Fusion bars can produce similar effects to the psychedelic mushrooms that are found with the bulk of chocolate bars. The most significant results of eating our chocolaty bars is:

  • Slow Reaction Time
  • Encourages Creativity
  • Hallucinations
  • It can bring happiness and a sense of relaxation.

The list above is only one of the benefits you can expect to experience when eating our products as well as other chocolates. What makes our fusion-shroom chocolates different from other brands is the short and intense sensation that comes to one gets from the first tasted them. They cause a total body sensation, which leaves you in a in a state of complete relaxation.

Where to purchase Fusion Bars


Because of the growing popularity of psychedelic flavored mushroom bars. Demand for Fusion bars has also exploded. In 2022, statistics indicate that fusion bars was responsible for 12percent of the total market share for shroom bars. In our very first year, we are in competition with giants of the industry like polka dots bars and the one-up mushroom .Just the reality that we are competing with these big brands less than an year from the time we launched is a testament to the high superiority of our bars.

The demand for chocolate bars that fusion has resulted in the emergence of fakes on the market which claim to offer authentic chocolate bars. Many of these outlets are selling fake chocolate bars that do not provide you with the authentic experience of fusion. We suggest that you buy your product at a licensed dispensary, or you can purchase fusion bars through our website.




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