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Buy Fusion Birthday Cake on our site, giving you the opportunity to sample the highest quality and price. Birthday Cake is one of our most popular flavours. This Fusion bar is chocolate bars that weigh 6 grams, are soft and sweet, and can make a sad day bright. Birthday Cake flavor is similar to other fusion mushrooms bars flavor, however this Birthday Cake still packs a punch. It will make you want to running around for a good time. fusion mushroom chocolate bar


Fusion packaging is elegant and sleek, and features our Fusion logo at the middle on the bar. The names of the flavors are display on the right side of the bar. Back of chocolate bar provides information about the dosing process and a unique QR code used to validate the authenticity of the bar.Always check the box thoroughly as a number of fakes are found on the internet. They are sold by those who sell fake fusion mushrooms.

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In light of the increasing the popularity of psychedelic bars. In addition, the demand for fusion bars has also exploded. The statistics for 2022 reveal that the fusion bar represented 12% of the overall mushroom market share. Within our first year, we’re already fighting with industry giants like the polkadots and the one-up mushroom. just the fact that we’re competing with the biggest brands in just a little over a year following the release of our product speaks volumes about the high quality of our bars.

This massive demand for chocolate bars that fusion is causing has led to the rise of fakes on the market which claim to offer authentic products. The majority of these plugs sell fake chocolate bars that do not provide you with the authentic taste of fusion. We recommend you purchase your fusion bar at a licensed dispensary. Or you can purchase fusion bars online through the website .


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