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What is a cake bar. Fusion mushroom chocolate bars are a new mushroom chocolate bar in the market. Our company has rapidly grown popular due to the superior quality of our products. mushroom chocolate bar



Fusion chocolate bars is one of the most popular shroom bars in the market as of now. It has been able to collect around 14% of the market share for mushroom bars. Being able to compete with big and much more established brands such as polka dot and one up mushroom only speaks more to the quality of our shroom bars. Fusion originally began making 4 grams and 6 grams chocolate bars. what is a cake bar

What is a cake bar


Fusion bars are just like the popular shroom bars, such as one-up mushroom bars, and Polkadot bars. Fusion started in the form of both 6 and 4 grams bars. However they discontinued the 4 grams of bars ended up being eliminated. These bars are made of practical magic mushrooms like Reishi that have numerous benefits established.

Our bars also contain Chamomile, L-Theanine, Magnesium and zinc which all have numerous health benefits and also makes us stand out from the other mushroom chocolate bars. What makes fusion bars so special is the taste of our chocolate bars.We have very unique flavors made with very high quality chocolates. Fusion chocolate bars are the first psychedelic mushroom brand with over 25 flavors. It is because satisfaction with our customers is our first foremost priority.

Fusion Bar

Fusion bars are an upcoming addition to the world of psychedelic mushrooms. But we are confident that we will grow to be among the top. The Fusion team consists of enthusiasts for mushrooms who not only cultivate these magical mushrooms, but additionally consume them heavily. We took the time to develop a bar of chocolate that would help solve the many issues that mushroom enthusiasts had to face.

A few of these issues include the bitter taste of shrooms and the use of low quality chocolate. We at fusion shroom bars have crafted a mushroom chocolate bar with the highest quality chocolates you can find in the market but also some of the most potent mushroom strains. Many mushroom enthusiasts are also complaining about the usage of dmt along with other chemicals for the making of chocolate bars. This is causing the industry of mushroom chocolate bars to get the reputation of being a sham. We at Fusion decided to make chocolate bars with only the highest quality of mushroom trains. Do not just believe us for it. Test our Fusion bars and be amazed to see they possess the same effect of shrooms



So many people always ask the question, why fusion bars. Well, what makes these chocolate bars different from shroom bars isn’t only the addition of chemicals such as Chamomile and L-Theanine. What differentiates our bar from other shrooms is the attention to detail as well as the strict process that is followed for the creation of fusion bar. Our group of experts uses only the best quality chocolate and shrooms in order to make sure our products are top-quality. The bars also provide health advantages like better sleep and a fantastic excursion. Why not give fusion bars a try.

Is it fake or Fusion bar real?


Due to rapid rise to popularity of the fusion chocolate bars. It has led to the emergence of a lot of fakes and copycats of our fusion bars. These individuals are getting more creative and making it harder for our loyal customers to identify a real chocolate bar from a fake. Therefore, we decided to include the distinctive product code on our packaging. To verify the authenticity of the products, enter the code into our website


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